Rise of the Harpy


Outside the cave where Talus had done his dark work, Crow and Akharan Akenseth met Rex and Kaius, who were on the sorcerer’s trail. Kaius’s village had been destroyed by a monster years ago, and Rex had looked after him, even though Rex was suspected of the crime. They had travelled into the The Frostmore Wilds, and begun to hunt monsters together. They had followed the trail to Talus’s cave.

Dramus Varex had taken Tarsa, Johan, Sparrow and the strange box of scarabs back to town. Tarsa was to be “treated”, while held under Dramus’s watchful eye. The scarabs were returned to Valron Hastix, likely to go to Palus Mareen.

Those still near Ma’al, to see whatelse they could find. Rex and Kaius went to speak with Valus. He trusted them more than a city guard, and told them of the hidden room in his family hut.

Inside, they found Talus’s Journals, which described a spell that sickened a victim. It seemed he had been testing it on his wife. They also found several letters in Jaul.

The returned to Agea, with Crow bringing Rex and Kaius to stay at Low Tide Temple, to wait until they could find a scribe to translate the letters the next day.

Harrius Aspen was given a single letter. It complemented Talus on his success so far, and that they needed to be able to move against Dramus’s Mother, Lizella Varex, the minister of war in Agea within 3 years. it was signed by The Letter R. The decided not to have the rest of the Talus and R correspondence translated.

Worried about the safety of Lizella, they arranged a meeting with her, and brought to her attention the letter they had translated. They asked who could be out to get her. LIzella’s first thought were some of the dukes on the border between The Remian Confederacy and Jaul. She was concerned about Roger duMont, Robert Arseaunt, or Roderick Rodspiere

Kaius thought investigating these dukes would be the first concern. Lizella offered to assist them.



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