Rise of the Harpy


Travelling to Efuiel to investigate the threat against Lizella Varex, the group found a pallaside city in the throws of a tournament. Apparently, a nearby village had been attacked by a monster. The winner of the tournament would be declared the champion, and be tasked to bring back the monster’s head. If successful, the champion would be rewarded Duke Robert Arseaunt’s daughter’s hand in marriage.

Deciding it was not worth dealing with the tournament, the group gathered some more information about the monster. It turns out it had been an especially long winter, and after the cold lessened, travelers to the village found the people there had either vanished or been eaten by something. Based on the evidence available Akharan Akenseth and Kaius agreed it was likely a Windego.

Exploring the village made this seem more likely. There were partially eaten corpses, and it seemed as though several of the villagers had wandered out of their homes via the windows.

Crow and Sparrow were searching the nearby woods, and started hearing a sound like a distant human voice. Soon they spotted the monster, a tall creature with long claws, and a skull like a deer’s on its head. It chased them through the trees, and jumped high enough to grab Sparrow and disappear into the valley.

The group tracked the monster into a cave, where it seemed to be trying to keep warm and was saving Sparrow for later. They attacked and killed the monster, but a strange, buzzing haze remained in the cave. The monster hunters realized that it was looking for a new body to inhabit. They realized that it could inhabit the corpse of anyone who had eaten human flesh.

Then they realized there were some in the village who had. The cloud moved towards it, and the hunters needed to behead them to keep the spirit from gaining access.

Then the Windego realized Johan met its requirements. He took the monster’s head back to Efuiel as quickly as he could, outriding the spirit. It appeared to be anchored to the cave, so they returned and attempted an exorcism.
Akharan Akenseth couldn’t successfully banish the spirit, but back in the town they found a Frostmoore Shaman who could accomplish the task.

Johan and Rex befriended the duke as they watched the rest of the tournament.



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