Jaul is a Kingdom to the west of The Remian Confederacy. Their current king, Wiglef the Younger, is the great grandson of their first king, Hrothgar.


Hrothgar was born to a Frostmore barbarian tribe known as the Jauls. He was considered a troubled child, afflicted by lunacy, claiming to hear a spirit he called Heorot. His tribe was concerned when his father passed, and Hrothgar immediately declared war on a neighbouring tribe. Heorot instructed him to use many strange, unorthodox tactics, but to the shock of his warriors, they worked, leading to success after success.

Heorot was considered to be a patron spirit, and Hrothgar’s warriors quickly took to calling themselves, and their new faith the Followers of Hrothgar. Soon, a number of other tribes joined them, and they headed south, quickly conquering the simple farmers and herders who populated the coast of the Great Ocean

Once his rule was firmly established, Hrothgar had a castle carved on the high cliffs overseeing the great ocean, and called it Heorothall. He then proscribed a complicated systems of serfs, yeoman, barons, earls, counts, dukes, and princes to serve him. His laws and the proscribed punishments were quite strict, but they were the will of Heorot.


Jauls prize honour and duty above all else. They hold themselves to high standards, and are considered meticulous and well groomed. Barons and above are allowed weapons and to ride on the back of a horse, and many seek to attract a spirit such as Heorot by brave deeds. Second and third sons will often travel far and wide, seeking a chance to prove themselves, gaining honour, glory, and recognition for their family name.

According to the Jaul religion, women were the handmaidens to their husbands, and were a gift from the Ancient Ones to be protected. This belief leads to crimes against women being punished more heavily, but women are never officially afforded a position of power or influence. This causes some strong minded Jaul women to leave and seek their fortunes outside of Jaul.

Jauls are a TL2 culture, but they are exceptionally jealous of the advancements of the Kingdom of Set. Some wealthy Jauls have highered away Set craftsmen and smith, and are trying desperately to reach TL3

Cultural Template

Jauls are very similar to Remians, so only language (2 for Broken, 4 for accented, or 6 for native) change between the two.


Jaul is west of The Remian Confederacy, taking about 4 days riding from the edge of civilized lands to Agea, travelling a few days through the wild borderlands.


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