Priest of Zidean

Most clergy of Zidean, the Remian god of Water, Trade, and the Sea, tend to be men. All of his clerics must have nearly drowned.

The must also swear a vow to follow Zidean’s commandments. A servant of Zidean may not take a spouse, should be completely submerged at least once a day, may not eat the flesh of a creature of the land or sky, and is expected to travel at least yearly, generally to a place they haven’t been, to sleep under a roof they have never slept under. The last is not vital, but is considered proper.

Many of the followers of Zidean were sailors or fishermen in a former life. All are also expected to have some basic knowledge of trade, and be able to advise people, especially non-merchants looking to do a major trade. Most swim in the ocean daily, and tend to be in good shape. Especially in Agea, Zidean priests have a reputation for being ideally attractive.

Many continue to serve on ships, to ensure Zidean’s favour for the whole journey. Others bless fishermen, markets, or ships.

It is not uncommon for Zidean priests to be fluent in multiple languages, and the temples are called upon to provide translators.

Bad Tempered is a common trait amongst his followers, seen as in line with the sea’s anger.

The below template is for a “Brother of the Sea”.

Template (50)

STATS: ST 11 (10) DX 10 IQ 10 HT 11 (10)

ADVANTAGES: Clerical Investment (5), Fit (5)
DISADVANTAGES: Vow: Zidean Tennants (-5)

Boating 10 (DX + 0) (2)
or Crewman 11 (IQ + 1) (2)
Breath Control 10 (HT -1) (2)
Fishing 10 (PER + 0) (1)
Merchant 9 (IQ – 1) (1)
Professional Skill: Priest 11 (IQ + 1) (4)
Public Speaking 10 (IQ + 0) (2)
Religious Ritual 10 (IQ + 0) (4)
Survival: Beach 9 (PER -1) (1)
Swimming 13 (HT + 2) (4)
Theology 10 (IQ + 0) (4)

Priest of Zidean

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