The Remian Confederacy

The Remian Confederacy is a group of city states, north of the Saphire Sea. Remians share a common religion, but the patron god of a given city state can have a major influence on the culture of the state.

Most Remian city states are ruled by a Prince/Princess, supported by Dukes/Duchesses and Barons/Baronesses. They manage their own armies, trade freely among each other, and will often support the other city states in times of war. However, they are free to rule themselves, and sometimes members of the confederacy will war with each other.

Remians are a Matriarchal society. While the oldest child inherits any lands or hereditary titles, a father does not pass these down to his children, except in a position where there is a complete break in the female line. This can lead to complexities with Remian Inheritance Laws



The Remian Confederacy

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