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  • hiddenroomtalus

    In a room under Talus's home was a small shrine with some strange herbs. Hidden under a trap door, the small space, perhaps ten feet by ten feet, contained [[Talus's Journals | Talus's Journals]] and some [[Talus and R correspondence | letters written …

  • Talus

    The father of [[:valus | Valus]] and husband of [[:tarsa | Tarsa]], it appears he has the ability to resurrect the dead using a ritual involving scarabs. His house in Ma'al contained [[hiddenroomtalus | a hidden room]] with an alter, [[Talus's Journals …

  • Valus

    Son of [[:talus | Talus]] and [[:tarsa | Tarsa]], this boy fears city guards, as he thinks they will "burn his father" and attacked [[:dramus-varex | Dramus Varex]] with a knife. However, upon meeting [[:kaius | Kaius]] and [[:rex | Rex]], who look …

  • Tarsa

    Wife of [[:talus | Talus]] and mother of [[:valus | Valus]], she is supposed to be several months dead. However, with no pulse and no body heat, she opened her eyes and sat up in the back of the cave where her husband practiced his dark arts.

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