City Guard

The City Guard serves as both the police force and the military of Agea. It is also the best form of advancement. An indentured servant who expresses interest in the city guard often has their servitude purchased by a Sergeant or Captain, and after a certain term of service (during which their commanding officer usually receives a tax break), they are freed. For a freeperson hoping to obtain citizenship, this is also often the best route,

City Guards begin with a two month basic training, after which they begin their first tour of duty. During times of peace, this generally means patrolling city streets. While in active service, a guard can expect a bunk in the barracks, three square meals a day, and a small stipend.

Guards generally patrol in teams of two, unless on a special assignment. For every ten guards, there is a Sergeant, and the Sergeant’s whole squad is on duty with him. For every twenty one sergeants, there is a captain. An on duty captain is not necessarily on duty with all his sergeants, usually running seven squads , for morning, evening, and night.

After each full year of service, a guard is given the option to leave active service. They would still keep their kit, and be expected to keep it well maintained, as they may be called back to active duty in any time of war. They also expected to move out of the barracks, although many have enough friends form the guard that the claim to hospitality continues to exist.

When not at war with another Remian City State, a guard from one city can usually lodge at the barracks in another city.

Some guards go to a limited duty, reducing their duty but still serving, to fill in shifts, or cover special situations.


City Guard (51 point template)

STATS: STR 11 (10) Dex 11 (20) HT 11 (10)
ADVANTAGES: Legal Enforcement Powers (
5) Claim to Hospitality (+5)
DISADVANTAGES: Duty (Almost all the time)(-15) Extremely Hazardous (-5)

Brawling 12 (Dex 1)(2)
Hiking 10 (HT -1)(1)
Intimidation 10 (WL
Shield 13 (DX+3)(4)
Spear 11 (DX+0)(2)
Soldier 12 (IQ+2)(8)
Search 0 (PER-1)(1)
Knife 11 (DX-1)(1)


Long Spear – Dam 1d+1, IMP, Reach 2,3 Parry 0U WT 5
2 hand Dam 1d+2 imp, reach 2,3, parry 0
shield Dam 1D-1 Cr, reach 1 parry 0 wt 25 DefenseBonus 2
dagger DAM 1D-2 IMP Reach C Parry -1 wt .25
Sap DAM 1d-1 cr Reach C Parry 0 wt 1

Leather armor (Torso Groin DR 2 WT10)
Heavy Leather Leggings DR 2 WT 4
Leather leggings 1* Wt 2
Cloth Sleeves 1* Wt2
Heavy Leather Sleeves DR 2 WT 2
Leather Helm DR 2 WT 0.5

City Guard

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